SST Leadership

Student Leadership at JMF6-Abingdon

As a member of JMF6-Abingdon, the expectation is to  meet the standards required of a professional student. The development of professional working habits will not only contribute significantly to academic progress, but will remain with students when moving to their next destination, and onwards.

Key to this is playing a leadership role, and all students are expected to demonstrate this role working side by side with younger students, and being genuinely positive Role Models. They will be alongside them in lessons, at break, as House Leaders, and as pastoral support. Similarly, staff work alongside students - physically, in the 6th Form Centre at both sites,but also in the Senior Student Team or SST.

The SST consists of between 10-15 students who, in a rigorous selection process, demonstrate the skills and commitment that allow them to lead both the Sixth Form student body, and the rest of the students across both schools. Led by two Student Presidents, and three Vice Presidents, this team works proactively and tirelessly to lead JMF6-Abingdon.

The SST has a number of committees, led by Committee Chairs, that plan and develop ideas and actions across the following areas:

Social Awareness
Well Being


This powerful student voice is invaluable in making sure that JMF6-Abingdon stays current, relevant and continues to develop. 


I am delighted to be one of the Head Students at JMF6. Being a Fitzharrys student for 5 years before moving onto a joint sixth form, I found the transition between secondary school and sixth form straightforward and efficient. I view this role as an amazing opportunity to be a voice and give back to myschool community. Currently, in Year 13 I am studying Maths, Biology and Economics and I aspire to study Business Management at University next year.

The step up from secondary school to JMF6 was a scary but exciting experience. A-Levels require dedication from the get go which is highlighted early on, and we have additional support along the way such as form tutors and wellbeing managers to ensure we remain on the right path. The skills we acquire such as independent learning and perseverance are key to building our characters in preparation for the working world. The atmosphere of JMF6 is comfortable and welcoming for students. We have a large range of enthusiastic teachers who are knowledgeable and passionate about the subjects they teach you. Your subject teachers truly go out of their way to make your education a worthwhile and enjoyable experience.

JMF6 focuses on extracurricular achievements as well as academics. This is shown by the opportunity to participate in Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award which helps develop team building and organisational skills. Additionally, we are provided with the chance to complete an Extended Project Qualification which helps to boost our academic potential and expand our research skills in preparation for the next stages in life. JMF6 provides lots of clubs and opportunities to develop personal interests such as Model UN. Furthermore, JMF6 prides themselves on student participation. This is presented by committees within our Student Leadership Team; of which students can get involved in or even lead.

I hope that all students who choose JMF6 as a sixth form have a valuable experience and take every opportunity to grow and develop their skills and interests. I trust that your sixth form experience will leave you feeling proud of all that you have achieved.


My experience of being one of the Head Students here at JMF6 has been both fulfilling and stimulating, reflective of my academic experience as an A-level student. I’m currently taking three A-levels; History, English Literature and Economics, with the aim of reading Law at University.

Having attended lower school at John Mason, transitioning into a joint sixth form was not only seamless but also established a new challenge while remaining familiar and supportive. This balanced environment is what JMF6 prides itself on. Joint leadership with my fellow head student Irene, from Fitzharrys, exemplifies the bringing together of students from not only these two schools but also various other institutions, all adding to the diversity of our sixth form. Indicative of this diversity is our wide range of leadership teams, clubs, and activities, ranging from Amnesty International to Film Club. JMF6 encourages participation to achieve the most fulfilling learning experience. As a part of the leadership team, our role this year is to provide this range of opportunities to the students, helping to expand their experiences of JMF6.

My personal experience has been an overwhelmingly positive one and I believe this is derived from the encouraging environment which the Form tutors and the Senior Leadership provide. A-levels without a doubt are challenging and it requires commitment from the very first day, but what is so encouraging about JMF6 is that commitment is rewarded.

Over my two years I have found that I have built meaningful and genuine connections with my teachers. The experience is more of a collaboration of knowledge and ideas with teachers and fellow students than a static learning experience, providing a platform for greater success for students post-A-levels. My advice to future students would be to welcome the challenge and commit whole-heartedly to A- Levels. I am confident that all future students who choose to attend here will experience this stimulating environment. JMF6 will provide the nourishing environment in which anyone can achieve, while rewarding going above and beyond. I am proud to say that I’m fully involved with the JMF6 institution and I’m sure that any future student will leave JMF6 with the same pride.