Work Experience

The Work Experience Placements in Year 12


JMF6-Abingdon places a high value on its work experience programme. This can prove invaluable in providing direction for a future career, supportive material for UCAS or Apprenticeship applications, but most importantly can be the final step in just growing up!

A week in May is allocated to giving students this opportunity. Support is given in helping them identify these opportunities but the main impetus for this comes from the student. Students find their own placements, following the guidelines below.

  • Develop the basic employability skills they gained at year 10
  • Search for one which gives them the ‘next level’ of experience and skills
  • Gain a placement at managerial level
  • Look for a placement outside of county at a national or multi-national company
  • Directly related to their current course
  • Directly related to their career intentions


Over the past two years, this has led to placements at a huge variety to different places. Some of these are shown below

  • United Nations - New York
  • Microsoft
  • The Economist
  • NHS Occupational Therapy Unit
  • Law Courts in London
  • CAE Air Crew Training (Helicopters)
  • Westwaddy Architects
  • Pegasus Theatre
  • Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences
  • Scottish Government Office for Energy and Climate Change – Edinburgh
  • Layla Moran – Local MP office
  • Against Breast Cancer Charity
  • Royal Academy of Music
  • Sophos