Supervision Time

AT JMF6-Abingdon, we recognise the value of a full day of learning and training. Students are expected to be at school from 8.30 to 3.10 each day. A key part of this are the Supervision times at the beginning and end of each day. During these meetings, students develop many of the professional skills and traits that are part of our ethos. They meet their tutor and tutor group here, and create the special sense of belonging at these meetings that is vital to their character development. The programme they follow is valuable in both assisting their academic learning, but also preparing them for the outside world. They debate key issues, have supervised reading of challenging material, support younger students in reading, enjoy one to one mentoring, and get support and advice for their chosen pathways. Not forgetting of course the highly competitive inter form weekly quiz!


Sixth forms across the country deliver many different programmes but they all share the expectation that full attendance each and every day is a critical part of development. And at JMF6-Abingdon, we are proud that we share this ethos in our constant bid to provide excellent provision for our students.